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Pale Horse Playhouse


Mission Statement 

Pale Horse Playhouse is a non profit theater committed to producing new, contemporary and classic works; fulfilling the visions of our diverse theater artists. Through loss, perseverance, curiosity, exploration, and magic, we seek to peel back the layers of our humanity, revealing new truths and enduring beauty. Our goal at its core is service to our community and audiences; giving everyone a safe space for communication, healing and joy. 

At the theatre, we could, Transcend - Transcend the darker, Brutal - the brutality - remember our better nature"


- Timberlake Wertenbaker, Our Country's Good

COVID-19 Protocols

While we continue to monitor best practices to keep you and the community safe at Pale Horse Playhouse, we are currently mandating all guests to be vaccinated prior to attending shows.  “Vaccinated” means on the day of the performance date as shown on the valid ticket, a guest has received (a) the second dose of an FDA or WHO authorized 2-dose COVID-19 vaccine, or (b) the single dose of an FDA or WHO authorized 1-dose vaccine or (c) for international guests, 2 doses of any “mix and match” combination of an FDA or WHO approved COVID-19 vaccines is acceptable.

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